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My name is Sara Mitchell and I am the author and creator of this website. I have always had a passion for writing, starting when I was really young. I wrote a lot of poetry over the years and everyone that I shared it with seemed to really enjoy it.

I am not sure what actually made me decide to start a website but I do know that I have had a pretty chaotic life that I wasn’t sure I’d survive. I struggle with mental illness and addiction caused primarily from over 25 years of mental, physical and sexual abuse.

My biggest passion today is telling my story and giving others who might be struggling some hope that things can and will get better. Giving up isn’t an option for me and I hope that is inspiring to others. That’s the main reason I blog.

I am leading a life now that I thought wasn’t possible. I have complex PTSD, Severe anxiety, ADHD, OCD, Depression and Addiction. At one point , these mental illnesses ruled my life. I am happy to say I am now sober and in the process of repairing my life, one step at a time, one day at a time.

I have started doing things that I had given up like crocheting, putting puzzles together, cooking,putting more effort into my self care and going places where I can be at peace. I have also tried new things like the diamond art, piyo, yoga and so much more.

I still have so much work to do to get myself and my life where I want it but I have began to heal from my trauma and I have learned how to love myself compassionately and unconditionally. I am now chasing my dreams now and learning what its like to set goals and achieve them.

Thank you so much for checking out my site and I hope you will stick around to watch me learn, grow and hopefully reach my dreams! I hope you have a great day. Please subscribe!

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    What is mindfulness?

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  • Blogging and me!

    Why do you blog? I blog because I love to write. I love that I get to share my experiences, strength and hope. For a long time, I believed people didn’t want to hear what I had to say and it prevented me from speaking my mind. The people around me weren’t supportive of me… Read more

  • My dream home!

    What does your ideal home look like? My dream home would have to be a log cabin out in the middle of nowhere in Alaska. It would be off grid with only solar power and power from a windmill. I would have my own little farm with an extensive vegetable garden, chickens, cows and pigs.… Read more

  • Moose

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  • Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Maybe Nighttime

    What’s your favorite time of day? “This is kind of tough because I appreciate it each time a day for different reasons” Read more

  • Work

    I should start by saying that I have ADHD and I don’t take any type of medication for it. It can make focusing on work that doesn’t interest me very difficult. I do have ways around it and one of them is listening to music on YouTube premium that I have previously liked or downloaded.… Read more

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