What is mindfulness?

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“This was the sunrise about 5 years ago. I would often wake up before everyone and enjoy some coffee and watch the sun come up. Didn’t even know what mindfulness and meditation meant then”

So mindfulness is intentionally living in the moment with awareness of things around you, without judging or rejecting, without any attachment to the moment. Mindfulness requires specific skills which is why there’s a need for practice. I probably don’t meditate as much as I should but I often do and half the time, it is moving meditation.

Mindfulness Practice?

This is what I thought meditation was all about…

Meditation, contemplative prayer, and mindfulness movement are the three main forms of practice. During each, you are supposed to pay attention to how you feel, what you’re thinking about, what is happening around you at that moment and really tune in to the feelings and see sensations in your body


I went on a stroll at Wonderful Park with an acquaintance. We sat on the bench at the top of this waterfall and chatted like old friends!

Meditation can be done while sitting standing or lying quietly a while. There are many different types of meditation. Some may help you focus on a specific issue you have in life, others maybe to clear the chaos and fog out of your mind.

Contemplative prayer

It is a religious practice that is used in several different religions as a mindful practice. I am unfamiliar with any specific things that specific religions do but I know that Catholics use a rosary and Hindu raja use yoga. It is considered a form of mindfulness practice.

Moving meditation

Moving meditation is my favorite and the one I’ve used the most partially due to having ADHD. It also helps with anxiety as well.

So there’s many different forms of moving meditation. It can be a walk through the park or a hike through the woods. It could be doing some yoga or Tai chi in the backyard. It could be practicing karate even. It can be horseback riding or even four wheeling.

I love to go for rides listening to relaxing music. After having a total meltdown everyday for 3 days in a row, my roommate decided to take me for a drive through Hatcher’s pass Alaska. The picture above is hatcher’s pass. There wasn’t any snow when we went up there though. Hatcher’s pass is much more commercialized than it used to be. They now have a ski lift on top of all the trails very picking and sites to see. It was a great reset for me. Okay

I just want to let you know that the information that I have acquired is from a treatment workbook and some of the sites that I have found on Google.

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