Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Maybe Nighttime

1 minute

What’s your favorite time of day?

“This is kind of tough because I appreciate it each time a day for different reasons”
“I love early mornings because of the Sun rises and the quietness of the world that has not yet woken up this is usually my favorite time to get into my Bible or pull up my motivational quote app and read something inspiring! I guess you could say it’s just ME time to go over my responsibilities for the day! I think it’s simplicity is wonderful!”
“Then, there is the beautiful afternoon where the sun is shining high in the sky but there is just enough for you to keep you cool. It could be a lovely afternoon stroll around a lake or maybe it’s raining but you have a tin roof and the sound just as it soothes your soul.”
“I also love the evenings simply because the sun sets and it kind of wraps up and gets us comfy and cozy so we can get some rest. Also when the kids are in school and I work at 9:00 to 5:00 job the evenings or the times that I get to spend with my family, not just watching the sunset but watching movies with my kiddos.”
“Then there is the night time, when most people are fast asleep snuggled in their beds, when the stars shine brightly and sometimes shoot across the sky. The nights the Moon is the only thing preventing it from being blindingly dark or even the nights when it is blindingly dark and you almost feel the creepy little creatures crawling around in the bushes all mysterious and mythical-like. “
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