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Do you practice religion?

“I wouldn’t say I practice Religion. I find religion very controversial. However, I am very spiritual and in tune with the energy of the universe.”

Growing up, my parents didn’t seem to be religious at all. We were never forced to go to church, but sometimes my brother, my sister, and I would go to vacation Bible School over summer break or I would attend with one of my friends from school. I found certain things even to be questionable, but I had a blast with my friends and most of the ones I went to served food. I was never consistent with it, but I stopped randomly going when I was 16.

I know that there is a higher power out there and that all this beauty and brilliance around us has to have been made by something or someone. I think going to all those churches only made me realize and believe that there is a power bigger than us as a human race. I know, for a fact, that miracles happen and that we are blessed all the time. I know that these things come from that higher power and I know that nothing is done by mistake. I believe with all my heart that everything happens for a reason.

Religion is a lot different than spirituality. Spirituality doesn’t have the rules and traditions that must be followed. I believe spirituality allows me to connect with that higher power on a personal level and I can do it the way that makes me feel comfortable. I have a wonderful relationship with my higher power and I believe he watches out for me.

That’s all I have to say about religion. I have no judgments for anyone who has different beliefs. I believe that’s what makes them unique and helpful in their own way.

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