Having it all!!!

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What does “having it all” mean to me?

” Having it all for me, is getting to spend time with my family, having all my physical needs met such as a roof over my head food on the table, being able to care for myself and having a few good friends that love me for me and are really there for me!”
My husband, Billy and I with the silver salmon we caught!

I believe that a lot of people think that having it all is rich enough to have a mansion and popular enough to have a bunch of followers on Instagram or tiktok or Facebook or whatever and I disagree.

My friend, Ron and I are on his boat! We caught our limit in less than an hour!

For example when my husband died, we had a four bedroom house, three trucks, and pretty much anything you could desire or anything like you could buy anyway. But both me and my husband weren’t happy because our children and our grandchildren weren’t with us or close to us

The family halibut trip!

I definitely value my relationships and friendships more than anything else. That’s what gives life depth. That’s the reason you fight to stay alive.

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