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What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

” Family heirlooms”

I am a very sentimental person, so a good portion of the things I own are special to me.

Before my mom died, my grandma, my mom and I went through everything she owned and she sorted everything between my papa(stepdad), my sister and I. Not quite a year and a half later, Papa passed away and left all he had to me.

My mom and my stepdad. I called him Papa.

Then a couple years later, I left my son’s father and got with a friend of the family. I married him 2 and a half months before he died. We had a 4 bedroom home full of memories. We had bought that home a few months before we married and used it as the venue for our wedding.

The loss of those three left me with so many things. I still have my momma and papas recliners, end tables, coffee tables, and a TV with a stand. I have the rose petals he saved from that first birthday of his. I bought him yellow roses and spread rose petals all over the bed. I have the matching hoodies we got from Valdez. There is so much more too.

My husband Billy, my son Noah and I on my wedding day! My husband passed away about 2 and a half months after this.

My brother committed suicide ten years ago and I got the cards he had in his wallet from my mom when she passed. My mom framed his hair from his first hair cut, so I have that too.

My sister, my brother and I on Thanksgiving! It was tough finding a picture of my brother.

Those are the things I hold dear.  You know, death is a strange thing. I used to be afraid of dying, but I’m not anymore. See, I managed to move forward after losing several family members and it is comforting to know that, when my time comes, my family will move forward but nothing will ever take my place, just like no one could take the place of my loved ones.

This is why I think it is important to spend time with your loved ones as much as you can. Life can be busy and it makes it easy to put off things. Just make sure you make time for your family and friends.

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