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What do you collect?

“I collect antiques, books, office supplies, and craft supplies.”

I am a huge fan of antiques. I have a rotary phone and an old sewing machine. I have a bible that is from 1935.

I am obsessed with books and pretty soon I am going to need a library. With the advance of technology and ebooks, it’s not as common for people to have books and if something should happen to computers and such, I will have lots of books and knowledge to share.

I have always loved office supplies and had an over abundance. I have several different kinds of pens and mechanical pencils as well as a hole puncher, colorful paperclips, binders, expandable folders, notebooks and journals. I am fascinated by how hard it is for me to walk out of a store without, at least, looking to see what they have.

Craft supplies are worse than even office supplies. Growing up my mom was really creative. She taught us how to sew, crochet, paint, bead and do small woodworking projects. Even up until the week before she passed away, she was working on projects. She was unbelievably talented. So I followed in her footsteps because I enjoy creating things just as much as she did. I crochet a lot because it’s something I can bring anywhere with me. I love to sew but it’s harder to set up space for it. I also love to color and that means I have every kind of marker you can think of and colored pencils too. I have more coloring books than I can count.

At this moment, most of my things are in storage. I still have some journals, notebooks, coloring books and lots of pens and markers. I also have a bunch of yarn and my crochet hooks and needles. I love how insanely creative I can be because it reminds me of my mom and I amaze myself with what I create.

5 responses to “My collections”

  1. Willow Avatar

    I used to have a huge pencil collection but ended up giving them away.

    1. mitchellsara17 Avatar

      Yeah I am going to have to downsize when I move into my new place. It is like 1/3 of the size of my house.

  2. Kim Jacobs UG Avatar

    Great piece

    1. mitchellsara17 Avatar

      Thank you!!!!!!

      1. Kim Jacobs UG Avatar

        You’re most welcome @mitchellsara17

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